Wet v. Dry

9 March, 2007 at 2:19 pm Leave a comment

I truly believe, without a doubt, that the number 1 argument in the pet food world is wet versus dry. If I was the Ruler of the Universe I would eliminate dry food from the market entirely and every cat and dog (and ferret) would eat wet food only. All these animals would have un-stinky poop and gorgeous, shiny coats. I promise.

When people (including a veterinarian I really like) say, “Well, dry food cleans their teeth,” a part of me wants to weep and another part of me wants to scream like a wild thing.

Open up Google, type in “dry food does not clean teeth,” and hit enter. One million, two hundred fifty thousand links come up. The only people who believe dry food cleans teeth is dry food manufacturers. We all know that Whiskas does not have your cat’s health in mind.

I know, it can be expensive. I have 4 gorgeous cats who eat only wet food. We use 2 cans in the morning and 2 cans in the evening. I could save some money by buying the 12.5 oz cans of Wellness but that’s a little too much food. I want each kitty to eat about 5.5 oz a day.

If I had just one more kitty then I could use the larger cans.

It’s pricey but it’s worth it to me. I have so much guilt about Pixel that I really want to do what’s best for my little pride all the time. My husband and I don’t have cable tv, we go to the movies once, maybe twice a year, and we rarely go out to eat. Technically, these are sacrifices but I love my home life and my healthy kitties so I don’t care.

I used to be an active member of cat/animal forums. I was eager to share my knowledge of nutrition with others. But I’ve learned that people don’t want to hear that they aren’t doing what’s best for their pets. People would rather believe that free-feeding Friskies is better than changing.


That why I started Curiosity Killed the…I wanted to learn and be educated and I know I’m not the only one. There are others out there too.


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