Voluntary Recall

4 April, 2007 at 2:57 pm Leave a comment

All these horrible recalls. I’m so glad my 4 are safe from this. I’m so glad everyone I know with pets is safe from this. The latest reports are saying that over 2,000 cats and dogs have died from the poison found in the tainted pet foods.

When news first broke that the contaminant was aminopterin, a rat poison, Mike said, “Well, obviously it was rats in the food.” (Seriously, read Foods Pets Die For.) I agreed with him. Now, the contaminant is thought to be melamine which is used to made plastics, foam, and fertilizers.

Either way, wheat gluten was to blame. How come no one is asking what wheat gluten was doing in these foods to begin with? The high quality foods I’ve mentioned don’t contain wheat gluten. The foods I praise are all privately-owned as well. The idea of one lousy company, Menu Foods, making products for so many labels seems off-putting to me.

Personally I love that Wellness is made in Canada, Merrick in Texas, Addiction and Ziwi Peak in New Zealand, Evanger’s in Illinois, and Halo in  Florida.

Speaking of Halo I received an email from them:

“Our Spot’s Stew for Dogs and Cats are made in a USDA Kitchen – every batch! Our commitment has always been to use the highest quality, human-grade ingredients in all of our products. WE NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL USE WHEAT GLUTEN IN OUR FOOD.

” To help you achieve optimum health for your pets, please accept our offer of 20% OFF with a minimum order of $39.99.

“You may order through our website Halo Pets and use the coupon code of 03MF07.”

I love Halo. I love all companies that clearly have a cats’ health and well being in mind.

I remember thinking back when it was only wet food affected that people were surely never going to feed their animals wet food ever again and cats and dogs would be doomed to eat meat crackers until the end of their days.

Then dry food was added to the list. Then treats.

My heart breaks for people who have lost animal members of their family. I know I’d be beside myself with grief and rage, cherry bombing Eukanuba’s corporate office and filling the gas tank of every car I saw in the Nutro parking lot with sugar.

What really upsets me though is the phrasing, Voluntary Recall. It makes it seem that companies are pulling their poisoned products off of shelves out of the kindness of their heart.

I can only hope that people will open their eyes and read labels. I hope independent pet stores that only carry by-product free food get more business than ever thought possible. I hope Menu Foods goes under and is never heard from again.

I hope Purina, Fancy Feast, and other other disgusting companies learn from this and start producing only human grade meals for pets.

Let’s all cross our fingers.


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